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ALL IN BLIND is an American rock band whose no-holds-barred driving sound is truly indicative of their story. In 2005 singer/songwriter Ian Biggs decided that there was nothing else in the world for him but creating and performing music. He promptly dropped out of school, moved back to his hometown of New Haven, Connecticut and went "all in blind" into a musical career that has been a roller-coaster ride ever since.

After a few initial line-up changes, the band was reinvented with the arrival of James Nazario (guitar) and the return of original bassist Michael Russo. Matt Laudano (drums) would soon follow and the band quickly took off in a new direction. 2007 saw the release of their self-titled EP, which helped expand their fan base beyond Connecticut to the rest of the Northeast. After winning both the Mohegan Sun and Radio 104.1 Battle of the Bands in 2009 (combined 338 applicants) the song "Hollywood" was placed in rotation on Radio 104.1 (Hartford, CT). The band was also interviewed several times by the station. In 2010 All in Blind began working with the talent agency DreamTeam Entertainment, who urged the band to record a full-length record.

Both the musical and the lyrical content of the new album digs deeper than that of the previous album. There is an underlying theme of self-preservation via complete and utter destruction throughout, which is most prevalent in the title track "Bury Your Exits" but it also screams in the hard-hitting "The Pack" and “My Empire.” The band also obtained a compulsory license for "Ohio" (Neil Young) and recorded a revamped all-out rock version of it. While the maturity of the songwriting and musicianship is evident on the new album, All in Blind has not forgotten the roots from which they were born and they are certainly not afraid to play the music in which they believe.

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